#3: Between China and Rome

I finished teaching in Suzhou (PRC) in late April 2019, and then started teaching in Rome in late May. I didn’t really want to go back to the US, get jet lag, and then turn around and head for Rome and get jet lag again. So I had to find some interesting place between Shanghai and Lisbon. Not that difficult.

I chose Madrid, and took a couple of days out to go to Lisbon and a brief guided tour of very nice (and very touristy) spots in Portugal. I’m considering various places in Europe to retire: feel free to offer suggestions! The criteria are: a) close to a beach b) not too cold c) a language I can learn, more or less d) something I can afford. Spain is looking very good; Portugal as well.

I took approximately 9,473,214 pictures. I’ve posted here a few representative ones, with minimal captions. I left out a lot, such as the Palazzo Real (Madrid), the cathedral and synagogue in Toledo, the opera in Madrid (I saw Handel’s Agrippina), a lot of paintings and sculptures, and most of the food pictures.

Madrid is one of my favorite towns now, right up there with Aix-en-Provence, London, San Francisco, Cooperstown, Austin, and, of course, Suzhou. If you’ve been there, you may well agree.

In any event, this blog is mostly pictures.

The Prado: Overwhelming
Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”: 哇!
This Ramen place always had a long line until late (11:30) one night, when I could get in. I found out why: the best meal I had in Spain was, interestingly enough, Japanese.

Empañadas at Mercado de San Miguel
Cabo da Roca, westernmost point on mainland Europe

So, in a few weeks, I went from Shanghai, China to Cabo da Roca. Portugal: 10,718 km (6,659 miles)

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